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Appreciation Card is a great way to show your heartfelt gratitude for all the good things your colleague or teammate has done to make the workplace a comfortable place to work and have fun. Here is a collection of appreciation cards for Boss, colleagues, managers and supervisors.

Better recognitions


Augmented Writing

provides suggestions to employees to nicely word their appreciation/recognition notes for their peers/co-workers based on AI and NLP. Helps find traits displayed by employees, aligned with culture and values for strategy execution.

Bravo Suggestions

suggests employees whom to recognize based on email interaction, various application and collaboration tools in use in the company using machine learning algorithm

Consumer Grade UX

Consumer Grade User Experience to Bridge the gap between Millenials, Boomers, and racial and gender minorities.

Capture the moment with

Bravo Lens

A mobile app(available on both IOS and Android platforms) enables employees to capture live images or their peers, give pictorial representation of their expression and post with specific messages on company recognition feed, bringing widespread visibility and showcase. This coupled with share on social media with family and friends brings a sense of belongingness towards the company.

Recognize by Email using

Bravo Outlook Plugin

Bravo for Outlook enables user to send recognition card to anyone at work or outside

Culture of appreciation enables organization to improve employee motivation, customer satisfaction while reducing attrition. Bravo for Outlook plugin enables user to send appreciation to someone in the company and outside.

Download Bravo Outlook plugin

Data insights through

Bravo Pulse

  • A Contextual User Centric Interface for Employees
  • Power BI based dashboard for Visibility and actionable insight across the organisation
  • Sentiment Analysis based on Machine Learning data churn
  • Screen Saver showcasing employees in SPOT LIGHT trending with higher Bravo Points.
  • Helps in developing Retention policies

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