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4 ways an employee recognition platform improves your employee engagement process
Mandar Bhagwat | March 6th, 2018, 4:53 am

Employee Recognition plays one of the biggest role in ensuring high employee engagement in the organization. Yet various studies have shown that many companies still do not have an efficient way of recognizing employee achievements. Of course, these are the ones who acknowledge that recognition is important. A sizeable number is still not aware or hasn’t given much thought to how employee recognition could bring about a positive change in the work environment. Let’s discuss as how an employee recognition platform improves your employee engagement process.

As levels of employee engagement increase, companies have experienced a great deal of increase in productivity, satisfaction, morale as well as reduction in employee turnover.

However, there have been various incidents where companies did not reap the benefits of employee recognition, so they simply abandoned it and went in search of other better employee engagement initiatives.

Probably, these companies did not fully understand how to go about the process and couldn’t do it the right way. When your employees are dismayed and less than enthusiastic when they hear of ‘another recognition program’ you can be sure this one’s going to bite the dust as well.

One of the best recommendation for companies who want to incorporate the practice of recognition in their workplace is to adopt a competent platform or software. That way, the entire process can be gradually eased into and provide value as anticipated.

Here are 4 ways how an efficient employee recognition platform improves your employee engagement process:

Increased collaboration:

Recognition or positive feedback should not be unidirectional. A majority of the companies follow a process where only the manager has the authority to give feedback and appreciate anyone’s achievements. It may have worked in the past but it certainly cannot be expected to work today.

Everyone should be able to give feedback and appreciate their team members or peers performance. A robust recognition platform can help these individuals give feedback that can be seen by everybody and with context.

Getting recognized by your team members can be highly motivating as it comes from a different perspective. It could be for a thoughtful idea or for reducing someone’s burden or anything else. Irrespective of the reason, it always helps getting your efforts appreciated. And it doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. Just a couple of clicks and you are done.

When every member is given the choice of appreciating the achievements of others, it brings the team together and increases collaboration to a great extent. Everyone is always ready to give a helping hand when needed.

Higher participation:

When companies initiate obscure recognition methods which are not fully explained, employees tend to shy away from participating. They do not like to ask questions and get clarification for fear of being patronized, ridiculed or plain ignored. Thus, even if someone is worthy of getting appreciated for his or her performance, his or her team members are not sure how to go about it. An excellent opportunity is lost that could have helped both the performing individual as well as the team.

Instead, the company could adopt a simple employee recognition platform that can be easily used by their employees at the right time. Automatically, the number of participants will increase that could subsequently lead to higher employee engagement.

Leverage technology:

Nothing spoils a good initiative as haphazard adoption. In an era where manual paperwork is becoming obsolete, where even the use of spreadsheets is declining, some companies still stick to the same old methods. Not only is it an inefficient way of communicating performance feedback, but also highly time consuming and cumbersome. Historically, manual work has been prone to errors as well.

By leveraging a technologically sound and robust employee recognition platform, the management can easily adopt the new process in the workplace. Time is significantly reduced, anyone can participate in the program, there is a lesser scope for errors. Most importantly, it does not require excessive training. Plus , all the feedback shared between peers and managers is stored in a database that can be quickly retrieved at the time of performance evaluations.

There are numerous tools available in the market that can be customized and integrated within the organization’s existing systems. It makes sense to select the appropriate tools to ensure there is higher employee engagement in the workplace.

Motivation to develop new skills:

This may be surprising, but recognition for honing certain skills can be a huge motivating factor for those employees. It gives an incentive to them as well as other employees to acquire skills and expertise that can further help them increase their efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

A few recognition platforms showcase new skills acquired by individuals on a common visual board. An automated message or even a customized message can be sent out to the team stating this accomplishment. You might also like to read The role of employee recognition in driving motivation for employees

One of the employee engagement initiatives is to encourage employees to develop their skills on a regular basis. This is not only important for the company but these individuals themselves for their career growth. Any company who encourages its employees to learn more and recognize this effort is highly appreciated by the latter. It sends out a message that they want their employees to grow their wings and achieve greater success.

Failure to efficiently implement an employee recognition program can lead to discontent in the workplace. So it is best to carry out thorough research and select the most appropriate platform that suits the company. That way there are higher chances of success. After all, if you are going to do something new, better do it right.

I hope this blog has given you insights as how an employee recognition platform improves your employee engagement process.

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